wednesday, august 17, 2011

HelloToday we'll talk about two Petits Fours that has the right size to make you want more !

That's right, two bites and nothing more! 

This is one of the characteristics of a Petit Four, as in French means"small oven" they are

smaller productions witch have a very reach flavor, so they have the right size for you just 

pray for a little bit more  kkkkk !

Well I really love these little petits I hope you like it too!

Kisses and see you!!


Glazed Petit Fours

It is built like this (from bottom to top):

- Pate Glacier - is a chocolate that contains oil, that will create a thin crust in the button of the first layer of the Bicuit.

- Petit Four Biscuit - It's a Biscuit that contains almond paste in your dough.

- Jelly - We used Apricot jelly, which is quite common for this preparation.

- Biscuit again

- Jelly again

- Marzipan - on top put a thin layer.

- Fondant - After the layers are put it together, cut into squares or diamonds shapes and bathe the pieces with fondant (which can be colored with coloring food)

Opera Cake

Assembly (from bottom to top):

- Patê à Galcer
- Hazelnut Biscuit
- Coffee ButterCream
- Biscuit de Avelã
- Chocolate Ganache
- Hazelnut Biscuit
- Coffee ButterCream
- Chocolate Glaze

Kisses Again !!! :****



tuesday, august 16, 2011

Hello everyoneToday we'll talk about a cake that brazilians are very familiar to in: Carrot Cake!

But here in the U.S. carrot cake is very different from ours cake!

A Cream Cheese Frosting replace our Chocolate Syrupand they make carrot candy with thin 

slices of carrot for the decoration, which is completed with Mini Marzipan CarrotsI am 

particularly crazy about our traditional Brazilian Carrot Cake, but you know that this new 

version of this cake fascinated me too!

I hope you like it!

Kisses  and SAUDADES ( there is no translation for this word :)


Making the Dough

Making the Cream Cheese Frosting to Filling and Cover the Cake 


Carrot Candy

Mini Marzipan Carrot

Decorated Cake


Monday, august 15, 2011Hi guys! Guess what we'll gonna talk today ??  

That's it ! We'll talk about Biscuit!! kkkkkkk
Oh my God there is too much Biscuit in my life ....

This cake is made ​​with several layers of Biscuit Dobb and it is filled and covered with 

chocolate buttercream and the decoration on top it's a layer of Biscuit covered with hard 

caramel and cut into trianglesThe effect is really cool!

Hope you enjoy!


Preparing the Mass for Baking

Filling and Covering the Cake

Preparing the Caramel and Caramelizing the Decoration



Saturday, august 13, 2011

Hello everyoneI hope you are fine... Here don't talking about the heat that has done

everything is great

Well, today for the lovers of coffee and almond that's a full plate! I'm talking about the 


Well this is a dessert made with layers of Dacquoisewhich is nothing more than a meringue 

that contains ground almonds, its filling with a Coffee ButterCream, and its decorated with

Nougatine which is a caramel with almonds. 

Simply Amazing !!

See you !!!

Kisses :****


Dacquoise Preparation

After Baking

Assembling the Layers

Making the Nougatine

Final Decoration


friday, august 12, 2011


Today we'll see a dessert that is not just beautiful, it's really tasty! And It could be served

plated: the Mousse Cake!

This dessert is another type of Biscuit, in this case the Biscuit D'Amandes which takes

almond flour  and butter in your composition. The decoration in the mass is made with pate a

Cornet, which is like thicker mass ( made using the mass of the Biscuit D'Amandes) with

cocoa powder used to make designs in the dough before baking it. Drawings can be made by ​​

free hand with a pastry bag, or with stencilsThe dough is baked after it's cut, than is placed in 

forms and filled with mousse. On the we top used a jelly to give a mirror finish and decorations 

it's really up to your  imagination!

Hope you enjoy !!!

Kisses Ju

This is the preparation of the dough

After Baked 

Final Result

Special DecorationCrystallized Flowers


wednesday, August10, 2011


Hello everyone I'm back but now with another desserts!
Leaving for a while the cakes with fondant there is a lot of types of desserts that are amazing too!
So, the next posts will be about very different things from what I usually bring to you,hope you enjoy!!
To start, a very light dessert: Charlotte Russe!
This is a dessert made with the Crème Bavaroise as a 
filling (in this case raspberry), and the dough is a very light, but at the same time very flexible which is the Biscuit à la cuillère. On top we have whipped cream to decorate and Berrys! Delicious ....

Crème Bavaroise:
This cream is very light and is very similar to the texture of a mousse, with the difference that the base can be fruit pure or Crème Angles and in the mousse the base are the 

Biscuit à la cuillère
As I said, this is a very light dought but very flexible because the name Biscuit will always be related to a dough that in the preparation method you have to whisk the egg whites separated from yolks, allowing the mass to be more flexible.

Now see the result!


Saturday, july 16, 2011

Birthday Cake! Third Practical Test

Hiiiii!!!! You can't imagine how I'm tired! Today, was the day of the written and practical test ....
My Goodness, when I finished the cake I felt like a truck had passed over me, I'm broken!
But I think that the result was pretty cool! In the practical exam we had to make a birthday cake, but following some design rules like: the cake had to have a bond and a plaque where it should be written Happy Birthday! And we had to made a technique with fondant and another with royal Icing!
I thought it was cute! Now we have to wait to see what the chef found it! kkkkkk

Ah! Sorry about the paper inside the bow but it  was still drying when I took the photo:)


friday, july 8, 2011

CupCake Day !!!

Today was super different! We put aside the cakes with fondant and started to play with the cupcakes!
But these cupcakes are quite different from those that usually eatThey were made with Gluten Free or Vegan recipes.
Let me explain, not just here but especially here in the U.S., people are taking out Gluten of their daily diets, because some are intolerant to it or just trying to look for healthier alternatives
In the case of Vegan products, these follow the same line of intolerance or personal preference. However, what is removed from the menu are all animal products.
What becomes a big challenge for all of us in the business of food. 
You can imagine cooking without eggs, butter, or milkDifficult huh??!!!
But I must confess that I loved the cupcakes, the decoration was very simple using modeling with marzipan, because we didn't have much time!


thursday, July 7, 2011

Cake with Sponge Painting Techinique

Hello everyone! I hope you are well, I'm dying of homesickness for Brazil, mainly of Brazilian food! Oh, how I miss my rice and beans! kkkkkkkkk
Well, but I don't want to think about it! So let's talk about cakes! 
Today we made a cake that we used many kinds of different decorations.
We use sponges with coloring food to give a background like a stamp in our fondant. The details of the side were made with the application of stencils with Royal Icing (explain in the end ok).And the ribbon with the bow that are at the bottom are textured fondantin my case resembling grosgrain ribbon, but you can apply a thousand of different texture in the gum paste.

And on top we did a technique called "Brush Embroidery" where we passed a wet brush lightly over the design of Royal Icingto give the impression that this is "embroidery" on the cake.

As promised I will explain what is a stencil. Well, stencil is technique used to move a drawing in a surface to another, in this case using Royal Icing,  across of perforations on paper or acetate.

Hope you enjoyed!
Kisses and until next time!


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cake with Marzipan Cover

HelloToday we did a classic cake covered with marzipan and with Royal Icing decorations.In England, the wedding cakes were usually made ​​with fruit dough and coverage of  marzipan. And with a  Royal Icing decoration that you can go crazy if you want.Oh sorry, for those unfamiliar with Marzipan, I'll explain what it is!

Marzipan is a paste made with almond paste, confectioners' sugar and glucose. It has a texture similar to the Gum Paste.  But it is much more practical and cheaper to buy ready-made marzipan, because almond paste, one ingredient, is very expensiveI hope you enjoy the cake!


Marzipan's Roses

Marzipan's plaque with "Lace Points" details, this type of decoration is made piece by piece in different templates. Quite an effort but with an incredible result! The little pieces are glued one by one and need support to sustain the position until the completely dry. And that's the result!


MONDAY, JULY 4, 2011

Gift Box Cake

Hello again! I hope everyone is well!
Today we made a cake that I loved!
It was a cake decorated as a square gift box for baby! I thought it was very sweet and delicate the and the bow on top gave an extra special touch!
Hope you enjoy!



Cookies !!!

Hello everyone!  Today I'm very happy because we did something that I really love: COOKIES!

We did two types of dough: sugar dough and gingerbread dough!

I'll show you step by step how to decorate the cookies, hope you enjoy!

First step: using the Royal Icing  in a firm consistency, that can hold the shape,  make a border around the cookie.

Then, using the icing at a running consistency,  fill the design of the cookie.

Now you just have to wait for the icing to dry, the only thing that makes me very sad is that when the icing dries completely all its shine goes away ... But the important thing, is that the flavor still wonderful!

See you soon

Friday, July first, 2011

The Classic Never go out of Style

Well today we made our first cake with Gum Paste! We did a simple decoration with "Swiss Dots" using Royal Icing. But I really think  we never went wrong with the classic!

I hope you are enjoying my classes here at the FrenchCulinary! And please if you have questions or curiosities about any issue posted here, or even related to NY writ for me!  I'll be very happy to answer!

Kisses and until next time!


Thursday, June 30, 2011

Angel Food Cake and Devil's Food Cake

Hello everyone I'm taking the opportunity to catch up with you.Well, in this post I'm putting two classics American's cakes: AngelFood Cake and Devil's Food Cake. The first cake is a white cake, that has a very fine texture and mild flavor. The second one is chocolate cake with a moist dough, more tender and with a pronounced flavor.

Hope you enjoy!


Angel Food Cake

This cake was made with a filling of Strawberry Italian ButterCream and the shape was designed like a Basket, Berrys where put on top for  the decoration. Very mild, the fruits smooth the flavor of the filling and cover.

Devil's Food Cake
This dense chocolate cake was filled and covered with Chocolate Ganache! And its decoration made ​​with Chocolate Molding, that is very similar of a Gum Past but its made with chocolate. Very tasty and rich!

Classes, Tests and more Classes ....

Hello everyone! I know I had promised not stop to post, but you have no idea of how everything is so rushed here! Even the classes do not happen every day, I have a lot of tests and the study for me is in double! I have to study the matter and the english !!!!! kkkkk
Look I've got to tell you that is not easy, and no matter how much English you know, when you get here everything is different ... There are 
thousands terms and slangs that you just heard when you're here!! 
Oh! I never thought I would miss the old and good Portuguese, with all its rules and peculiarities .... kkkk
Well, but here I'm to share with you what I have done because besides all I don't know many people here to tell and show the news!
I hope you enjoy and know that I'm missing Brazil so muchSuch a wonderful country!
One more thing: Giiiiiiillllsssoooonnnnn my dear photographer you have no idea how I miss you!! :)

Well, this was the first two layers cake that I made here in New York, it was one of the best dough that I've ever had in my life.
This was a white cake, known as Hi-Ratio or Two Stages, due to the way that the dough is made. And its was filling with Peach Butter Cream and Hazelnut Butter Cream. Delicious!!

In this cake the coverage and decorations are made with butter cream, which in my opinion, makes the finished of the cake much more work than with Gum Paste, because the surface with the cream should be impeccably smooth!

Thursday, may 19, 2011

NY directly to the Blog !!!!

Hello everybody!!

Finally I'm able to establish myself here in NY!

I apologize for the delay but only now I could buy a computer ...

But, from now on, I promise not let you down!! 
Telling a little bit about these first 2 weeks: (can you believe there are already two weeks that I am in NY!) 
- Arriving at the airport: Well God put an angel to take me home,  Charlls, the cutest taxi driver in the whole world, in the way to Fer's house, I met his entire life can you believe!

In fact, if anyone needs a taxi driver in NY ask me his contact, he's the best!
- Coming home: my second angel, Fer opened her house for me with the greatest care in the world and taught me everything I know about NY, without her I would got crazy here!
When I arrived, it seemed that the city would swallow me! A multitude of street and people, not mention the subway that becomes the karma of my life! Loses train, take the wrong train, the train leaves, comes back, goes wrong again .... And It was this way until I get used to all that colorful and twisted lines, witch people said that led to somewhere (the subway map)!
On the first day when I got home, I had a crying fit, and I kept thanking God for bringing me back because, at some times I thought that it would be impossible to find that blessed street with the name that no one understood when I spoke! :)
Now speaking of school! I'm in love, is truly a dream come true, the school is beautiful chefs are great, the classes super cool! Although, I didn't take good photos (not that I know how to do this kkkk) but it was because I haven't bought a camera!
The classes started and I had a test already! I'm loving and things will only get better in the course!
I wanted to say I'm very happy but I'm also very homesick, especially missing my mammy, my dad, my lovely fiancé Bru, my angels Gildinha and Flavinha and all my dear friends!

Everything I see here reminds me of some of you!

Well I'll put some pictures to kill all the curiosity slowly ok!

Many kisses and until next time!

Brazil's Farewell- The Gate 24 straight to NY 

My School

My First Cake in NY !!

Yummy ! Butter Cream with Red Fruit Jelly

Second Cake !

Chocolate Butter Cream with Vanilla Mousseline

Sorry if there is any mistake of writing I'm trying to get better in my English :)


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